Powershell – How to check for services that are set to ‘Automatic’ start up type and ‘Stopped’

Powershell is a really powerful tool and can be used to automate tasks during troubleshooting. One of the issues that I have seen in the past is that services will not start automatically after an update. Depending on the amount of services on a machine it can be a time consuming process to check for

Powershell – Using the ConnectWise Manage API to modify configuration statuses

Recently I ran into an issue where assets synced from Connectwise Automate were not retired in Manage when they were retired in Automate. It turns out that the sync broke, it had since been fixed however I came to find that assets that were retired while the sync was broken were not updated when it

ConnectWise Automate – CutePDF Writer Deployment Script

This script will deploy CutePDF Writer and GPL GhostScript to an Automate agent. This script downloads the .exe installers from cutepdf.com and installs it silently. The script can be found in the link below and can be imported via XML. It will create a script folder named ‘Rerelease’ https://github.com/djhayes1994/Public-LT-Scripts/blob/master/Install%20CutePDF%20Writer.xml

ConnectWise Automate – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Deployment Script

This script will deploy Adobe Reader DC (version 2020.006.20034) to an automate agent. This script downloads the .exe installer from ardownload.adobe.com and installs it silently. The script can be found here and can be imported via XML. It will create a script folder named ‘Rerelease’ https://github.com/djhayes1994/Public-LT-Scripts/blob/master/Install%20Adobe%20Acrobat%20Reader%20DC.xml

Windows Server 2016 – Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services

Log into your server that you are installing the role on, or a server that has the ability to manage the destination server. Open the server manager application. (servermanager.exe) Click ‘Manage > Add Roles and Features’ The ‘Add Roles and Features Wizard’ will now open, in the ‘Before You Begin’ page click the ‘Next’ button.

ConnectWise Automate – Finding Hyper-V 2012 servers with Broadcom NetXtreme Adapters

There is a reported issue with Hyper-V servers running Microsoft Server 2012 and Microsoft Server 2012 R2 where BroadCom NetExtreme adapters with VMQ enabled will have VMs lose connectivity intermittently. Information on the issue can be found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2986895/virtual-machines-lose-network-connectivity-when-you-use-broadcom-netxt You can utilize SQLYog to run the query below on a on premise ConnectWise Automate installation.