Powershell – Update Meraki Org IDP Fingerprints

The certificates used for Meraki SAML configuration expire after a certain period of time. Because of the way Meraki handles this, you have to set the fingerprint on the child organizations (see: https://documentation.meraki.com/General_Administration/Managing_Dashboard_Access/Configuring_SAML_SSO_with_Azure_AD) Basically what this means is that when it comes time to renew the cert you have to update the SHA1 fingerprint on

Connectwise Automate – Monitoring whether or not Liongard Agents are set to auto update.

I recently attended the product update webinar for Liongard. It was recommended that you check whether or not agents were set to auto update. After a little bit of digging I found that there was a xml file in the Liongard directory that contained this info. I wrote a small one liner with Powershell to

Powershell – Querying the Acronis Alerts API

Recently I was trying to find a way to query the Acronis alerts API so that I could review errors quickly. Previously these were being reviewed manually via the management dashboard. I started out by reviewing some of the example code available on the Acronis github repos. https://github.com/acronis/acronis-cyber-platform-powershell-examples After reviewing the code I started writing

Powershell – How to connect to Exchange Online on a MFA protected tenant.

With the introduction of the security baselines from Microsoft it is necessary for you to use Modern Authentication in your PowerShell scripts/if you want to connect to Exchange Online. Connecting to Exchange Online is a pretty easy process and you can do so by following the steps below: Open Powershell and install the Exchange Online

Powershell – How to check for services that are set to ‘Automatic’ start up type and ‘Stopped’

Powershell is a really powerful tool and can be used to automate tasks during troubleshooting. One of the issues that I have seen in the past is that services will not start automatically after an update. Depending on the amount of services on a machine it can be a time consuming process to check for

Powershell – Using the ConnectWise Manage API to modify configuration statuses

Recently I ran into an issue where assets synced from Connectwise Automate were not retired in Manage when they were retired in Automate. It turns out that the sync broke, it had since been fixed however I came to find that assets that were retired while the sync was broken were not updated when it